The Essential Guide to Hot Glue

A hot glue gun is a crucial tool for hobbyists and professionals alike. It lets you apply melted glue that can bind to almost any material. Its adhesive works on plastic, wood, paper, metal, fabric, stone, you name it! While glue guns were originally used for bonding shoe soles, their …

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How to use a hot glue gun - Guide

The Essential Guide to Desoldering

When it comes to repairing electronics, desoldering is an important skill to learn. Whether you want to replace defective or incorrectly placed parts, fix bad solder joints, troubleshoot an electric circuit or salvage electronic components, desoldering can help you do so. There are many different methods and tools you can …

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Close-up of a pair of tweezers lifting a desoldered IC from a circuit board.

DIY Filament Dry Boxes

When left out in the open, 3D printer filament can absorb moisture from the air. “Wet” filament can ruin our prints, and thus this is something that we want to avoid. In order to prevent filament from absorbing moisture, we need to properly store it. This means we have to …

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Three 3D printer filament storage boxes containing various rolls of colorful 3D printer filament.

Romania Road Trip

Last summer we took a road trip through Romania. We traveled from Bucharest to Sibiu, to the Apuseni mountains, Cluj, Sighisoara, Gheorgheni, Brasov and then back to Bucharest. Here are some of the favorite pictures I took.

A beautiful landscape containing Romanian mountains, clouds and trees.

Moth Macro Photography

For a while I have been looking to do some macro photography, but I never really knew what subject to pick. Little did I know that the subject would present itself to me; last week I found two nice looking (and dead) moths outside. The long dotted moth is a …

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A macro photo of a colorful moth.

Cat Litter Mat

A while back my sister and her partner asked me to help them find a solution for the cat litter that falls out of their cat’s litter box. Often after the cat does its business some of the cat litter sticks to its paws. As the cat walks out of …

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How to build a cat litter mat

DIY CoreXY 3D Printer

In 2011 I became interested in 3D printing. Being able to design and print objects was (and still is) an amazing concept to me. After reading more into it I decided to buy a Makerbot Thing-o-Matic 3D printer kit, which was the go-to 3D printer kit for hobbyists at the …

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Makerbeam 3D printer
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