Correction Policy

We're dedicated to providing you with accurate, trustworthy content about all kinds of maker tech. However, we know mistakes can happen, and we're all about owning them and fixing them. Here's how we handle corrections:

Accountability and Responsibility

Editorial Accountability

Our editorial team takes full responsibility for any errors in our content. We understand the importance of accurate information, especially when it comes to technical topics like ours. When we make a mistake, we're committed not only to correcting it but also to learning from it. This commitment helps us continuously improve our review and editorial processes to prevent future inaccuracies.

Ongoing Training

We're big on education around here. Our reviewers and editorial staff regularly undergo training to foster a culture of accuracy and attention to detail. This ongoing training is crucial in minimizing errors in our reviews and ensuring our content remains reliable and trustworthy.

Error Reporting Mechanism

Despite our rigorous review process, which includes multiple layers of checks by our editorial staff and industry experts, we acknowledge that errors can occasionally slip through. We value transparency and accountability, and we encourage our readers to play an active role in maintaining the accuracy of our content.

How to Report Errors

If you come across something in our content that seems off, we'd really appreciate it if you let us know. Whether it's a factual error, a typo, or outdated information, your input is invaluable to us. To report an error, simply reach out through our contact page, leave a comment under the article, or get in touch via our social media platforms. We've made it easy for you to flag issues so we can address them promptly.

Acknowledging Contributions

When you report an error, we not only correct it but also appreciate your contribution. We believe in recognizing the collaborative effort of our readers in helping us maintain high-quality content.

Response to Error Reports

Upon receiving a report of a potential error, our team, including relevant experts, will review the claim and verify the accuracy of the content. We are committed to responding to error reports quickly and efficiently.

Correction Process

If an error is confirmed, we promptly update the content. In cases of significant errors, we'll add an editor's note at the bottom of the article explaining the change.


We strive to address and correct errors as swiftly as possible, typically aiming to resolve them within 24-48 hours of being reported.

Archival Corrections

We apply the same rigorous standards to our archived content. If an error is found in older articles, we'll correct it with the same level of transparency and promptness.


We're all about being open and honest. When we correct an error, we'll always provide a clear explanation of both the mistake and the correction. This transparency is key to maintaining your trust.

Feedback and Review

Your thoughts on our correction process matter to us. If you have feedback or suggestions on how we can improve, don't hesitate to let us know.

As we grow and evolve, so will this policy. We'll keep you informed of any changes right here on this page.