The AlgoLaser Alpha 22W laser engraver and cutter.
A demonstration of how to use Cura filament change color at layer in 3D printing.
The SUNLU FilaDryer S4 review of the filament dryer.
The Creality Falcon Pro 10W that was announced at the Creality Product Launch event
A direct comparison of Slic3r vs. Cura
An example of Polycarbonate PC filament used in 3D printing
Example of Cura Coasting in 3D printing
The Creality CR-10 SE 3D printer on a workbench next to several 3D prints.
A comparison of the differences of Prusaslicer vs Cura
xTool P2 vs Glowforge laser cutters
Comparing Cura vs Simplify3D slicing software
The xTool F1 portable laser engraver
A hand holding the new Revopoint INSPIRE 3D scanner
The Creality Ender-3 V3 SE 3D printer on a wooden desk in front of a cabinet.
A LaserPecker 4 laser engraver review including its accessories
An example of 3D printing ABS filament without enclosure.
A collection of ABS alternatives in front of a white background.

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