Exciting news for all you makers and creators! We’re in the process of launching our very own podcast, dedicated to the world of making and fabrication. It’s still under development, but we’re eager to bring you a series full of inspiring stories, expert advice, and the latest trends from the maker community.

As you eagerly await our new podcast, why not dive into our selection of the most popular maker podcasts? We’ve handpicked the podcasts below especially for you, filled with insights, experiences, and tips from some of the most fascinating voices in the maker community. Each one is a gem, chosen to spark your creativity and immerse you in the dynamic world of making.

These podcasts are perfect companions for your project time or just when you’re in need of a little inspiration. We hope they bring you as much joy and knowledge as they bring us.

3D Printing Podcasts

3D Printing Today

3D Printing Today is one of the most up-to-date and inclusive 3D printing podcasts that you can listen to today. Hosted by Andy Cohen and Whitney Potter, this podcast covers almost everything related to 3D printing.

You can listen to hobbyist 3D printing stuff alongside industrial 3D printing advancements all in one episode. Andy Cohen also brings in industry experts and guests in most of his episodes to offer in-depth insight on a particular topic.

Each episode has a run time of about 30-50 minutes, which makes it a great choice for listening during your daily commute. With over 500 episodes spanning almost 9 years now, 3D Printing Today is an excellent source to learn about everything related to 3D printing.

The Infill Podcast

The Infill Podcast is a relatively new podcast series on this topic that collaborates with well-known names in the industry. It’s one of the many projects of Jonathan Levi, who also runs their own YouTube channel named The Next Layer.

Jonathan is a great host and brings his YouTube experience to the podcast, making it more engaging to listen to. The main focus of this podcast seems to bring in people from the 3D printing niche who are all experts in their particular space.

Joel Telling, Angus Deveson, Zack Freedman, and Dr. Ye Tao (to name a few) have shared their insights about 3D printing here. It’s a great place to catch up with the latest 3D printing trends and learn more about additive manufacturing as a whole.

Making Awesome

If you’re a maker and an avid 3D printing enthusiast, the Making Awesome podcast is a good place to hang out. It focuses more on the business aspect of 3D printing for hobbyists and DIY makers.

Similar to the Infill Podcast, this podcast also pairs with a YouTube channel—3D Musketeers. You can often catch a live stream on YouTube, ask questions, and interact in real time with the hosts. The hosts are a mix of seasoned 3D printing experts and small business owners, all sharing their experiences in great detail.

The episodes on Making Awesome range from anywhere between 60 and 180 minutes, which helps to offer deep insights for small-business owners. It’s a great podcast series for enthusiasts who want to convert their 3D printing hobby into a business and earn some income while doing so.


3D Pod focuses on the industrial side of 3D printing and brings in experts with all kinds of insights to share. It’s hosted by Joris Peels, who is the Executive Editor at 3DPrint.com, and Maxwell Bogue—Co-Founder and inventor of the 3Doodler pen.

Both of them have immense knowledge about 3D printing and collaborate with Founders, CEOs, researchers, and academics in the 3D printing niche. Each podcast episode is under an hour and offers valuable information about the current trends in this industry.

It might not be for complete beginners and novice users, as there can be a lot of technical language that is casually thrown around in the episodes. However, if you enjoy staying up-to-date with the latest developments in 3D printing and are interested in its industrial applications, 3D Pod is easily one of the best podcasts available.

The Meltzone

The Meltzone podcast is one of the most entertaining, exciting, and vibrant podcasts to listen to in 3D printing. Hosted by Stefan from CNC Kitchen and Thomas Sanladerer, this podcast is a must-listen for every 3D printing enthusiast.

Stefan and Thomas are both long-time content creators on YouTube and bring a lot of depth to the podcast. They share their thoughts and recent experiences and often collaborate with industry experts to discuss the latest 3D printing topics.

The frequency of the podcast has decreased recently, but the quality is still there. It’s a great place to hang out and get new information on 3D printing. Plus, the casual nature of Stefan and Thomas helps give the podcast an intimate touch and makes you feel a part of the conversation.

DIY Podcasts

Hackaday Podcast

Hackaday Podcast is an interesting listen for every technology enthusiast out there. It covers the most recent trends in technology, ranging from 3D printing and laser engraving to building robots and consumer electronics.

It closely follows the Hackaday publications, and the podcast gives you in-depth information about the latest in the technology space. The episodes are approximately 60 minutes long and often cover a wide variety of topics in a single run.

With a new episode released every Friday, the Hackaday Podcast is great for being up-to-date with all things tech. If you enjoy discovering new projects and learning about cool new “sciency” stuff, this podcast is definitely worth checking out.

Filtration Matters

The Filtration Matters podcast is a very specific podcast focusing on the portable fume and dust extraction area. It’s run by BOFA, which is a filtration company with the aim of highlighting the importance of fume extraction in manufacturing industries.

In terms of 3D printing, you’d come across fume extraction while printing ABS, Nylon, and carbon fiber, to name a few 3D printing filaments. Dust and fume extraction plays a vital role in the manufacturing process when using CNC and laser machining.

This podcast will help you understand the nuances of fume extraction technology and how it can benefit your workflow. The episodes are relatively short, with a runtime of around 20 minutes or less, making it a nifty podcast to listen to for some quick information.

The Riley Black Project

Riley Black walks you through the life of laser engraving and DIY projects in her podcasts in an enjoyable and casual way. These podcasts focus mostly on the laser machining hobby but cover DIY topics of all kinds.

Riley has been running the podcast since March of 2021 and has covered a wide range of topics in her episodes. You’ll often find expert guest collaborations who contribute to the topic of the podcast. Most episodes last for an hour, and the conversational format makes for an enjoyable listening experience.

It’s a light-hearted podcast that covers more than just 3D printing, laser engraving, and woodworking. If you’re looking for a podcast that offers DIY tips, along with life lessons and inspiration, while working in your workshop, The Riley Black Project could be perfect for you.

The TechEd Podcast

If you ever feel like you’re falling behind in the field of technical education, The TechEd Podcast can help you catch up. The TechEd Podcast dives deep into various technical topics related to the manufacturing and design field.

Matt Kirchner hosts conversations with industry leaders and CEOs about the recent developments in the engineering sector. You’ll also find some episodes that highlight the educational side of the manufacturing field. These episodes can be particularly useful for students of technology, design, and STEM fields who are looking to enhance their employability.

The TechEd Podcast targets students and employers more than hobbyists. But it’s an excellent podcast, and each episode is packed with information, analytics, and a wealth of learning opportunities.

Laser Machining

Laser Source

The Laser Source podcast helps you get insights into the laser engraving business. Alex from Laser Everything on YouTube runs this podcast and explores the various avenues when it comes to user laser machining for businesses.

It’s also a good place for beginners to discover the world of lasers. There are episodes that inform you about the laser setup process, the settings you need to configure, and even buying guides for complete beginners.

It’s an excellent podcast for all things laser-related. Alex’s YouTube channel complements well with his podcast and offers immense value for laser enthusiasts. It should be on your to-listen list if you’re looking to open up an Etsy store or are looking to get into the laser machining hobby.

CNC machining

Titans of CNC

Titans of CNC is a well-known name in the manufacturing industry, with their YouTube channel having a following of more than 700,000 people. Similar to their YouTube videos, this podcast too offers immense knowledge about the world of CNC manufacturing.

Hosted by Titan Gilroy, the Titans of CNC podcast is an excellent deep dive into how the CNC business works. Titan shares his own experience running the CNC business and brings in experts, business owners, and industry professionals to converse on various topics as well.

The podcast is relatively new and started in September 2023, so there are only a few episodes available. You can find the video versions on YouTube, and it’s available to listen on Spotify and Apple Podcasts as well. If you’re interested in the CNC machining world and want to gain a better understanding of it, check it out.

Business of Machining

The Business of Machining is one of the longest-running podcasts that discusses the manufacturing business. With 300+ episodes in the series, this podcast goes over entrepreneurship, manufacturing machines, life lessons, and everything in between.

John Grimsmo and John Saunders both have real-world experience in the manufacturing industry and run successful businesses. They both have their own YouTube channels as well, which go into more depth on the world of CNCs and manufacturing knives.

Each episode runs for about 60 minutes and feels like a casual conversation between two friends discussing their passions. Both the Johns do a great job at breaking down complex topics into simple-to-understand words for the average user. You should listen to it if you want to learn about entrepreneurship, CNC business, or just life as a business owner.

CNC Owners – IDC Woodcraft Podcasts

The CNC Owners is another business podcast for CNC enthusiasts. Hosted by Garrett Fromme, the founder and CEO of IDC Woodcraft, this podcast is specifically focused on CNC machining and how you can get into this business.

Garrett is a successful CNC router business owner and also runs a YouTube channel on the same topic. On the podcast, he shares his practical advice to help any beginner CNC machinist understand more about this field.

Recently, Garrett shared a series of episodes in which he guides a CNC enthusiast on building their own CNC business. It’s an excellent series for anyone looking for mentorship and an understanding of the nitty-gritty of the CNC business.

The podcast has been running since 2021, but the episodes are far and few. Despite this, it’s an excellent resource for passionate CNC users who wish to take their hobby to the next level.

Making Chips

Making Chips podcast is more of a community for entrepreneurs who want to get into the manufacturing field. The episodes are packed with information, advice, and experiences from people who run their own manufacturing businesses.

The hosts, Jason and Nick, are passionate about manufacturing and do an excellent job of leading the discussions. They are often joined by industry experts like Titan Gilroy and John Saunders, who provide additional insights into the CNC business.

Each episode can run anywhere between 20-60 minutes and is a gold mine of knowledge. If you’re seeking business advice or news or want to keep up with the latest industry trends in the manufacturing space, Making Chips is a good place to be.