Playstation 4 HDMI Port Repair: A Complete DIY Tutorial

How to repair and fix a PS4 HDMI port.
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The Playstation 4 is a great console, but unfortunately it comes with some design flaws that can cause it to break. One of these issues is the HDMI port. It is fragile and is often one of the first things to get damaged on the console.

One of the signs of a broken HDMI port on the PS4 is a no picture or a “no signal” message on your screen. There are other symptoms as well, which I will discuss in this article. I will also show you how to fix the problem by replacing the HDMI port. Even though it is not the easiest repair and the Playstation 5 is already out, it might still be worth it for you to fix.

Let’s dive in!

Before showing you the steps involved in repairing the HDMI port, I will answer some frequently asked questions.

What is the HDMI Port Used for?

The HDMI port in a PS4 relays the video (and sometimes audio) signal from the Playstation to a display device such as a TV.

Can You Use the PS4 Without HDMI?

It is not possible to use your PS4 without HDMI because the console does not have any other video outputs. It also does not have driver support for USB to HDMI adapters, so outputting video through one of the USB ports is not an option either.

How Can You Tell if PS4 Video Problems are Caused by a Broken HDMI Port?

If after turning the Playstation 4 on, the console shows a white light and the TV shows a black screen (sometimes accompanied by a “no input” or “no signal” message) or shows a distorted video output, then it is likely that the HDMI port or HDMI controller chip is defective. This is often referred to as the White Light of Death.

If the light on the console does not turn white, but stays blue instead, then you are dealing with a different issue altogether. This happens when the PS4 is not able to boot up and is called the Blue Light of Death.

While a broken HDMI port is a common cause of video problems on the Playstation 4, it is important to first exclude several other possible causes. There are a variety of reasons why the console might not display video. The most common ones are:

  • The HDMI cable is defective.
  • There is a conflict between the Playstation and the TV, for example, the TV does not support the console’s resolution.
  • There is physical damage to the HDMI port itself.
  • Some of the other electronic components in the PS4 are not working correctly.


The first step in troubleshooting the issue is making sure that the problem does not lie with the HDMI cable or the TV. Usually that means trying a different cable and a different TV to check if that fixes the issue. If after this you still get no signal, then it is likely that a part of the PS4 itself is broken.

Next is to check whether the HDMI port has any physical damage. This could be a crack in the outer metal part, pins that are bent or missing, or anything else that looks out of place, like dust or debris in the port.

If the HDMI port is damaged or has something else wrong with it, then this is likely the cause of the video problems, and it will need to be replaced (or cleaned in the case of dust/debris inside).

If there is nothing visible on the outside of the port, it is still possible that the small pins of the port on the inside of the PS4 are damaged. The only way to find out is to open up the PS4. If the port looks fine however, then it is more likely that the HDMI controller chip is causing the problem.

What Causes the PS4’s HDMI Port to Break?

The main thing that causes the Playstation 4’s HDMI port issues is that the port itself is too weak. This is due to poor design by Sony, and it causes the port to wear out fast and get damaged easily. This is especially the case for first-generation PS4s.

There are a couple of things that can cause the weak HDMI port to break:

  • Frequent plugging and unplugging of the HDMI cable. This causes the port to wear out over time.
  • Pushing the cable in hard and/or at an angle. Due to the design of the port, this can move, bend or break the small pins inside of the HDMI port.
  • A sudden force pulling on the cable, such as someone/something pulling the cable or the PS4 falling over while plugged in. Aside from damaging the HDMI port, this can also cause the port to shear off the circuit board completely.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways the HDMI port can cause issues. To make things worse, the HDMI controller chip on the motherboard can cause problems as well.

What Causes the HDMI Controller Chip to Break?

Aside from the HDMI port itself, video problems on the Playstation 4 can also be caused by a defective HDMI controller chip or its surrounding components. If this is the case, then the broken components need to be replaced. This is rather difficult and best left to a professional.

The HDMI controller chip (Panasonic MN86471A) is a sensitive component and can break due to a variety of reasons:

  • (Un)plugging the HDMI cable while the PS4 is on. This is usually fine, but in rare situations it can cause the HDMI chip to get damaged. One of the situations in which this can be an issue is when the grounding between the PS4 and TV is unbalanced.
  • Shorting out of the HDMI port pins. If the pins on the HDMI port short circuit, for example when one pin bends and touches another one, the controller chip can break.
  • Static electricity. If you have opened up the console to repair or clean it, but did not take proper anti-static measures, it is possible that static electricity damaged the controller IC.

Aside from this, there is also a possibility that there is damage to the HDMI coil filters, or that the traces on the circuit board near the HDMI port are damaged.

All in all, despite the HDMI port itself often being the culprit, there are also a lot of other possible causes for a Playstation 4 to display no image. As a result, this can be a tricky repair.

Can You Fix It Yourself?

Replacing the HDMI port is challenging, but doable if you have access to the right equipment and have confidence in your soldering skills. Fixing the HDMI controller chip is a lot more challenging however. I don’t recommend a DIY repair unless you either know what you are doing, or if you see this as a learning experience and don’t mind damaging the console further.

Without proper experience or equipment, it is possible to not only incorrectly repair the HDMI port or controller chip, but also to do even more damage to the console. For example, damaging traces or pads on the printed circuit board.

Damage to the PCB is not something that can easily be repaired and must be done by a qualified repair shop.

Is It Worth Fixing?

Maybe, maybe not. Repairing the HDMI port yourself comes with risk, as you could potentially create more damage. There is also no guarantee that the HDMI port is the only thing that is damaged, so even if you replace it successfully, it might not be enough to get the Playstation 4 working again.

Having a professional repair service do the repair for you can be costly and often only comes with limited warranty. So there is no guarantee that the PS4 will work for a long time afterwards.

For some people it might be worth repairing, whereas for others it might be better to look ahead at a Playstation 5.

What Do You Need to Fix the HDMI Port?

Unfortunately, in order to fix the HDMI port on the Playstation 4, it needs to be completely replaced. There is no way to restore the existing, broken port and have it work properly and consistently. Bending back the pins or the outer metal might work temporarily if you are lucky. It won’t give the same connection as a 100% new port, however, and it is likely to break again.

To replace the HDMI port, you obviously need a new HDMI port, several tools which are listed below, and some soldering skills. Keep in mind that is a challenging repair and a decent bit of soldering experience is recommended before trying to repair the PS4.

If you do intend to go forward with the repair, the step-by-step guide further down the page will show you how to do it.

What Can You Do to Prevent the HDMI Port From Breaking or Wearing Out?

Even though the HDMI port on the Playstation 4 is fragile, there are some things you can do to reduce the risk of it breaking.

  • Turn the console off before inserting or unplugging the HDMI cable. This lowers the chance of damage to the HDMI controller chip.
  • Don’t move the console around while it is turned on and plugged in. Moving the PS4 around while it is plugged in causes the HDMI connector in the port to move around and possibly cause a short circuit.
  • Don’t wrap the cables around the console while they are still plugged in. This might be convenient if you need to move the Playstation 4 and the cables somewhere else, but it creates a lot of unnecessary stress on the HDMI port. Unplug the cables first, before wrapping them around the console.
  • Use a short HDMI extension cable or splitter if you need to frequently plug and unplug the HDMI cable. You can keep it connected to the PS4 all the time and connect to it instead of the PS4 HDMI port. This prevents the port on the console from wearing out.

How to Replace the HDMI Port on a Playstation 4

What You’ll Need

Opening the PS4

The rear of a broken Playstation 4 with an orange circle around the stickers that need to be removed..
To start, we must remove the stickers on the rear of the console. Behind these stickers we find the screws that hold the plastic outer panels in place.
A screwdriver being used to remove a screw at the rear of a Playstation 4.
Unscrew the three circled screws. You will need to use a torx bit for this.
The bottom cover being removed from a PS4.
Take the plastic cover off.
Top view of the inside of a Playstation 4, with circles around the screw that hold the power supply in place.
Unscrew the 5 screws that hold the power supply in place.
The screws that hold the PS4 power supply in place removed and placed on top of a cutting mat.
Make sure to keep track of the screws of each step. There will be a lot of loose screws at the end of the disassembly and it is important to not mix them up.
A hand unplugging a cable from a console power supply.
Unplug the small cable that is connected to the power supply unit. It is important to disconnect this before removing the PSU.
The power supply of a PS4 being lifted out of the console for repair.
Lift the power supply out. It is held in place well, so this might take a bit of force. Holding the PS4 upside down can help too.
A bunch of connectors on the inside of a Playstation 4 that have been circled with orange circles to indicate removal.
Unplug the circled cables that you now have gotten access to. These cables are connected to the PS4 motherboard that we will remove later.
A screwdriver removing a screw from a circuit board.
Unscrew the single black screw that is circled on the image.
A screwdriver removing a screw from the rear of a PS4 console.
Continue by unscrewing the remaining screw on the rear of the PS4.
The plastic HDD cover of a PS4 being removed.
Take the smaller of the two plastic covers on the top off.
A screwdriver unscrewing the screw that holds the HDD mount of a PS4 in place.
Unscrew the screw that holds the hard drive tray in place.
A hand pulling a HDD mount out of a Playstation.
Slide the hard drive tray out and put it aside.
A screwdriver removing torx screws from the plastic cover of a game console.
Unscrew the two screws that are used to mount the last remaining plastic cover.
One of the top plastic covers of a Playstation 4 being removed.
Remove the plastic cover. Make sure to lift it from the right side first (when viewed like in the image).

Getting Access to and Removing the Motherboard

Twelve circled screws on the shielding of a Playstation 4 that need to be removed.
Unscrew the twelve circled screws. Removing the screws will allow us to remove the large metal plate.
Two circled screws that hold a heatsink clamp in place.
Do the same with the two larger screws that hold the heatsink clamp.
A hand holding a Playstation 4 heatsink clamp.
Remove the heatsink clamp.
A small connector being removed from the circuit board of a PS4.
Unplug the small connector in that area.
Two hands lifting the shielding of a Playstation 4 out of the console.
Take the large metal plate out of the console.
The main circuit board of a Playstation 4 being lifted out of the plastic housing.
And finally remove the PS4 motherboard. Make sure to lift the right side up first and then pull it out along its length, so that the ports on the left don’t get bent or otherwise damaged.

Desoldering the HDMI Port

Close-up of corroded shielding on a printed circuit board.
In this PS4, the shield that covers the HDMI controller chip seems to be heavily corroded. This makes me think that the problem is likely with the chip, and not with the HDMI port. That said, I am still going to replace the HDMI port for the sake of this guide and so that I can exclude it as a possible cause of the issue.
Flux being applied on a circuit board through a syringe.
The first step in desoldering the HDMI port is to apply flux to the large pins. Flux will help with the desoldering process.
An Engineer SS-02 solder sucker and soldering iron being used to remove solder from a broken HDMI port.
Use a soldering iron and a desoldering pump to remove as much solder as possible from one of the pins. I recommend using the Engineer SS-02 solder sucker. It has a silicone tip that makes removing solder a lot easier than with other desoldering pumps.
Close-up of a HDMI port with issues that has solder removed from one of its pins.
Ideally, the pin would be ‘floating’ and not connected to the PCB with any solder at all. But don’t worry if there is still some left.

Repeat the steps from above for the other 3 large pins of the HDMI connector.

A syringe applying flux on the small pins of a broken HDMI port.
Flip the board over and apply flux to the HDMI port pins on the other side of the PCB. Now that the large pins have been mostly desoldered, we can focus on the smaller pins.
A hot air gun being used to melt flux and solder to repair a PS4 HDMI port.
Use a hot air gun to melt the solder on the pins. Slowly move the nozzle of the hot air gun in circles over the area. This avoids thermal stress from only heating a single point on the board.
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Make sure to protect your work area when working with hot air!
A Quick 861DW hot air gun and soldering iron being used to desolder a HDMI port from a PCB.
Once the area is hot enough, the solder on the pins will have molten and you can remove the HDMI port. If there is too much unmolten solder left on the larger pins, you can flip the board over and use a soldering iron to speed up the heating. You can gently push down with the soldering iron once everything is molten to move the HDMI port out of the through holes.
A pair of tweezers being used to remove a desoldered HDMI port from a circuit board.
When the HDMI port is loose, you can use a pair of tweezers to remove it. It is going to be pretty hot at this point, so don’t touch it.
A hand using a cotton swab to clean flux residue from a PCB.
Use a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol to remove the leftover flux residue. The board and especially the solder pads need to be clean before soldering the new port in place.
A soldering iron and soldering wick removing leftover solder from solder pads.
Clean the solder pads on the other side of the board with solder wick, flux and your soldering iron.
A close-up of a cotton swab with brown flux residue.
Wipe the flux residue from the board and solder pads.

Soldering the New HDMI Port

A close-up of a replacement HDMI port placed on a Playstation 4 circuit board.
Once everything is clean, you can insert the new HDMI port into the through holes on the board. It should fit right into the large holes, with the smaller pins lining up with the small solder pads.

Next is to solder the small pins of the HDMI port. This is a tricky process, and you will need some form of magnification to see if the small pins are soldered correctly. I didn’t have equipment to photograph/film with magnification while I was soldering, so for the solder process I will refer you to this video:


After replacing the HDMI port, you can reassemble the console by doing the disassembly steps in reverse.

Close-up of a thermally conductive pad on top of memory chip.
When reassembling, make sure that all of the thermal pads on the memory chips are still in place. They usually keep sticking to either the memory chip or the metal shielding plate during disassembly, but sometimes they fall off completely. In that case, you will need to find them and place them back on their corresponding chip before closing everything up.

A Summary of the PS4 HDMI Port Repair Process

  1. Remove the plastic covers of the Playstation 4.
  2. Unscrew the screws that hold the power supply.
  3. Unplug the cable that connects to the power supply.
  4. Remove the power supply.
  5. Unplug the cables that were located under the power supply and unscrew the black screw next to it.
  6. Remove the hard drive tray.
  7. Unscrew and remove the large shielding plate.
  8. Unplug the small connector on the edge of the motherboard.
  9. Unscrew and remove the heatsink clamp.
  10. Take the motherboard out of the PS4.
  11. Desolder the broken HDMI port.
  12. Clean the PCB.
  13. Solder the new HDMI port onto the board.
  14. Reassemble the Playstation 4.


As you can see, it is definitely possible to repair a Playstation 4 with a broken HDMI port yourself. It is a difficult process though, and you do need to have proper equipment for it.

In my case, replacing the HDMI port did not fix the issue. This was expected though, given how bad the shielding on the MN86471A controller chip looked. It is likely that I will replace the chip at some point. When I do, I will update this article with a guide and any findings.

You learned:

  • How to identify issues with the Playstation 4 HDMI port and HDMI controller chip.
  • Why the PS4 HDMI port and controller chip break.
  • How to prevent a HDMI port from breaking or wearing out.
  • How to fix and replace a broken HDMI port on a PS4.
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  1. How much does it cost to DYI? How much should this cost (good, FAIR reasonable price) to pay at a repair shop? My ps4 is broken, pretty sure it’s hdmi port or the chip and contemplating whether I should repair it or not. PS support said it’ll cost $200+ to repair it. Closer to $230. WTF.

    Definitely not buying ps5 until a revision and even then for like 7 years. So many things about the ps4 are just BAD design.

    1. Hi Carly,

      it’s hard for me to say how much it “should” cost. The components itself for the repair don’t cost that much. A new HDMI port costs a couple dollars and the chip about $50. And that’s if you buy these components yourself, Sony/PS support can get them for a lot less.

      But there is also the cost of the tools and materials (flux, solder, etc.) that are used, the labour cost of trained professionals who diagnose and repair the problem (which can take a while) and perhaps shipping costs of getting your PS4 to the right place and back. So I can understand their $200+ quote.

      That said, $200+ is expensive. Especially considering the price of the PS4 itself. It puts a lot of people in a tricky situation where it is hard to justify spending this kind of money on a repair. This is part of why I offer these guides here as an alternative, and why it is important for people to have the right to repair their own stuff. Oftentimes, if you have some basic tools and the willingness to spend your own time, you can repair these things yourself for a lot less.

      Anyway, long story short: it’s no unreasonable price, and I don’t think that PS support is profiting from it. They just cover their costs.

      And yeah, I agree on the PS4’s bad design.


  2. Abang Osang Ambrose

    I do repair game consoles and other home appliances like plasma TV, DVD etc. And this article have given me a more advance knowledge in repairing game consoles like PS 4, PS 5 and perhaps the PS 6 when ever it may be release
    Thanks a million.

  3. Hello. Hope I am not too late on this.
    That PS4 HDMI port, can it be replaced with the one from a TV or any other appliance?

    1. Hi Maisar,

      Not all HDMI ports connect to the circuit board the same way. So if you take a HDMI port from another appliance it might fit, or it won’t. It is also a bit tricky to remove a HDMI port from a circuit board without damaging it, so it is best to replace the PS4 port with a brand new one that is guaranteed to work.

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