The Sculpfun S30 laser engraver and cutter on a workbench.
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Unveiling the Sculpfun S30: The Latest Innovation in Laser Cutting

Sculpfun has introduced a new lineup of laser cutters to their existing arsenal of machines. The Sculpfun S30 laser cutters are designed for everyday users, hobbyists, and anyone who wants to dip their toes in laser cutting.

There are three laser cutters in the Sculpfun S30 series – S30, S30 Pro, and S30 Pro Max. All three of them bring an industrial metal frame, good work sizes, and a powerful laser that can engrave even on metal surfaces.

Let’s take a closer look at its features and see what Sculpfun has in store for us with these machines.

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Extensive Work Area

The S30 laser machine placed on a work surface.

The Sculpfun S30 and S30 Pro laser cutters offer a work area of 380 x 385 mm. This work area is perfect for laser cutting and engraving small items such as keychains, photo frames, and signage.

The more powerful Pro Max, on the other hand, provides a slightly smaller area of 370 x 363 mm that you can engrave and cut in. This is because its larger laser module takes up more space.

Sculpfun further gives you the option to increase the work area up to 935 x 905 mm using its area extension kits. This allows you to work on massive designs and engrave many small-to-medium-sized objects in batches. With a work size of nearly a square meter, you will have ample freedom to work on your projects.

Ultra-thin Laser Shaping Technology

A laser engraver creating a pattern on a piece of wood.

The laser module on the S30 series is one of the biggest differentiators between the three models. The baseline S30 comes with a 5W diode laser, whereas the S30 Pro and S30 Pro Max are equipped with 10W and 20W diode lasers, respectively.

All S30 laser cutters use high-quality diode lasers that provide an engraving accuracy of around 0.05 mm. This precision laser technology enables you to replicate the fine details of your designs effortlessly and make your laser artwork stand out.

Sturdy Metal Frame

The Sculpfun S30 laser cutter with air assist accessory

The frame of the S30 lasers is made of high-strength aluminum alloy that can withstand loads of up to 50 Kg with ease. Additionally, the X-axis of all models features linear rails, further improving accuracy and rigidity.

Thanks to its solid structure, the frame remains stable during operation and prevents any unwanted movement around your artwork. The linear rails also help with precision engraving and reduce the wavy patterns that might occur when working with intricate designs.

Automatic Air-Assist System

A Sculpfun laser module with protective cover and air assist nozzle.

In most laser cutters, the air-assist system is usually turned on throughout the entire engraving and cutting process. This isn’t always desired, as it can sometimes affect the engraving quality.

The powerful air assist system on the S30 laser cutters is designed for automatic control. With the use of the M8 command in LightBurn software, you can choose to turn the air pump on or off as per your need. This function gives you more control over the process and allows you to create cleaner and higher-quality engravings.

Smart Motherboard

A render of the 32-bit processor of the Sculpfun S30 series.

All the S30 Series laser cutters use a powerful 32-bit processor that supports its automatic air-assist control. It also gives you multiple connectivity options. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mini-USB, it’s all there for you to connect to the machine as you like.

The 32-bit processor of the motherboard is blisteringly fast and more than capable of keeping up with the high work speeds of the laser engraver. It has enough processing power for the current features of the S30 laser cutter and safeguards you for future updates as well.

Accessories Galore

Top view of a variety of laser engraver components and accessories on a white surface.

The S30 laser cutters offer a wide range of accessories to enhance your experience. In the Sculpfun store, you can find enclosures, rotary engravers, laser lenses, honeycomb beds, and many more add-ons that are compatible with your machine.

Using these accessories, you can work on more projects and extend the capabilities of your S30 laser machine. For example, you can engrave on cylindrical objects with a rotary axis, use honeycomb beds for cleaner cuts, and safeguard your workspace using an enclosure.

Such an extensive collection of accessories means you always have the flexibility to create what you like and replace parts in case of any mishaps.

Wide Material Compatibility

Various materials for laser cutting laid out on a cutting mat.

The S30 laser cutters can work on all kinds of wood, including walnut, cherry, and other high-density wood, but also MDF, acrylics, and leather. In addition, you can engrave on aluminum oxide, 304 stainless steel, ceramic, and dark stone materials using these machines.

Naturally, the higher-powered models, the Pro and Pro Max, have superior material compatibility. In addition, for marking metals, it helps to apply a laser marking spray on your workpiece beforehand.

As a small business, this lets you offer more choices to your consumers, and as a hobbyist, you’re free to experiment and create an array of projects using different materials.

Pricing and Availability

The Sculpfun S30 Laser cutters are competitively priced. The baseline S30 model costs $309. If you’re looking for a more powerful laser machine, the S30 Pro 10W model is available for $499. Lastly, the top-tier 20W S30 Pro Max comes priced at USD $699.

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