Creality Released Its CR-Laser Falcon Engraver
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Creality Released Its CR-Laser Falcon Engraver

The laser engraving module accessory that was released along with the Creality Ender-3 S1 has been well received by its users. As a result, Creality has launched a new laser engraving and cutting machine called the Creality CR-Laser Falcon at its 8th-anniversary celebration on April 9th this year.

Further developed and optimized compared to its predecessor, the CR-Laser Falcon promises to impress users and give them a better experience. Especially DIY enthusiasts and small business owners will find this machine very useful for their engraving and cutting needs.

Let’s take a look at how this machine meets personalized engraving and cutting needs.

Engraving & Cutting With 0.1 mm Precision

Just like Creality’s new resin 3D printers, like the Halot One Plus, the CR-Laser Falcon laser engraver delivers high accuracy and precision. By using poly-lens spot compression laser technology, the spot size is compressed from 0.32*0.14 mm to 0.12*0.06 mm, giving an increase to speed by 6 times. This ensures that both the engraving and cutting accuracy can reach 0.1 mm.

A laser cutter engraving a QR code on a piece of wood

Quick Focusing and Improved Efficiency

With the focusing system made up of a fixed–focus lens and a facilitator, users can slide down the facilitator for fast focusing and lift it up once it’s completed. For example, to customize a logo on gift boxes of different materials, due to the size and thickness differences, users need to conduct focusing to ensure the engraving effect. Additionally, the machine can be easily put together as its parts are pre-assembled.

An exploded view of a laser engraver/cutter machine

Engraving Area Preview

To reduce the risk of failed projects, you can preview the engraving area before taking action. The CR-Laser Falcon is able to accurately locate the working area. For small batch engraving, the preview function is especially useful for improving the success rate. If users want to make ten pieces of artwork with a tiger engraved at the corner, CR-Laser Falcon will recognize the same engraving area and make sure the pattern is at the right place.

A hand pressing on the power button of a Creality CR-Laser Falcon engraver


Just as with the Creality Sermoon V1 Pro, the CR-Laser Falcon prioritizes safety and health. Equipped with a fan and washable cotton, the machine can effectively absorb smoke and dust, protecting users’ respiratory system. Additionally, this ensures engraving quality by avoiding blackening of the object. Therefore, for those who would like to use the machine at home, there is less need to worry about health, and more reason to enjoy creation.

Multiple Material Support

The CR-Laser Falcon is compatible with multiple materials. Both flexible materials, like paper, leather, wood, PVC of general hardness, and the anodized surface of high-hardness can all be handled by the Falcon. Users can laser engrave the same pattern on different materials for maximum creativity.

Creality has launched its new global website where users can easily upload their engraving works to the Creality Cloud, as well as its official store. For more details about the CR-Laser Falcon, you can take a look here. Alternatively, you can find it for sale on Amazon here and here.

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