The QIDI X-Max 3 3D printer next to a computer screen and laptop.
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Discover the Impressive QIDI X-Max 3 3D Printer

QIDI is a well-known manufacturing technology brand that has been selling 3D printers since 2014. With the debut of the X-Smart 3, X-Plus 3, and X-Max 3, the company has introduced a new line of printers with an array of improvements.

The X-Max 3 is the largest 3D printer in QIDI’s Series III line. It is designed for more industrial-grade 3D printing and has a lot to offer skilled users. With its large build volume of 325 x 325 x 315 mm, a high-speed CoreXY frame, a heated chamber and more, it stands out in its class.

Join us as we embark on a journey to discover the power and precision of the QIDI X-Max 3.

Ultra Fast 3D Printing

The QIDI X-Max 3 can print at a maximum speed of 600 mm/s. In combination with 20,000 mm/s² accelerations and a 35 mm³/s extruder flow rate, you can get your 3D prints done in no time. For example, you can 3D print a 3DBenchy model in about 15 minutes.

To achieve such fast printing speeds, the X-Max 3 uses Klipper firmware. Its features, like resonance compensation and pressure advance, help you get good print quality at higher print  speeds. No longer do you have to choose between fast 3D printing or high quality results.

QIDI Tech has also integrated a CoreXY frame into the X-Max 3 to help with high-speed printing. This type of kinematics is lightweight, durable, and strong, and lets the print head move faster without affecting the quality of the print.

Controlled Temperature Chamber

The two hot end sets and temperature controller drying box of the QIDI X-Max 3

The QIDI X-Max 3 is one of the most affordably priced 3D printers with a temperature-controlled build chamber. At its highest setting, the 3D printer can maintain an internal chamber temperature of 65°C.

This hot build area makes the printer compatible with more kinds of materials. For example, you can print with temperature-sensitive materials like ABS, Nylon, and PET-CF with less risk of layer separation or warping problems.

During the printing process, the chamber heat also helps create a more evenly heated part with  less internal stresses. As a result, you end up with stronger parts that are less prone to breaking under loads.

High-Performance Material Printing

QIDI Tech has designed the X-Max 3 for industrial-grade 3D printing. The hot end on the X-Max 3 is designed to reach impressive temperatures of 350°C, with the bed capable of heating up to 120°C temperatures.

To improve results even further, the QIDI X-Max 3 comes with two types of nozzles. The standard nozzle made of copper alloy works well for printing common 3D printing materials. The hardened steel nozzle, on the other hand, is made for printing abrasive materials.

Together, these parts make it easy to print high-performance materials like PAHT-CF, PET-CF, and PA12-CF, as well as common ones like PLA, ABS, and PETG. No matter if you want to 3D print industrial parts for automobile, aerospace, and tooling applications, or prototype using cheaper materials, the X-Max 3 can handle it.

Large Build Volume

A visual representation of the 325x325x315 build volume of the QIDI X-Max 3

The name of the 3D printer, “X-Max 3” comes from the fact that it has a large print area. It is one of the biggest, fastest 3D printers you can get today, with a build space of 325 x 325 x 315 mm.

The other Series III printers have a smaller print area. For example, the X-Plus 3 has a build area of 280 x 280 x 270 mm, whereas the X-Smart 3 has a build volume of 175 x 180 x 170 mm. As you can see the X-Max 3 is much bigger than its siblings.

This allows you to use the QIDI X-Max 3 for 3D printing large-scale models, props, figures, car parts, and more, without having to split the 3D model first. It’s also a great option for batch 3D printing, because you can fit many small models on the build plate at once.

Better User Experience

Two hands bending a flexible HF printing plate with a CF 3D print on it.

QIDI Tech has put a lot of thought into making the X-Max 3 simple and easy to use. For example, the Magnetic HF print surface has excellent adhesion and bends so that you can easily take 3D printed parts off.

Another neat feature is its 5” touchscreen display. With its intuitive user interface, it will be easy for you to use the 3D printer exactly as you want.

Another example of the user-friendly design of the X-Max 3 is that it is easy to set up. The 3D printer comes pre-assembled out of the box, and you can get started in minimal time.

QIDI X-Max 3 Price & Availability

For a price of $999, the QIDI Tech X-Max 3 gives you a lot of high-quality features for relatively little money. It has a great value proposition compared to similar 3D printers and is an excellent 3D printer for the more industrial printing needs.

The X-Max 3 is available to order from the official QIDI Tech website and ships in under 72 hours. Click here to learn more about the printer and get your hands on one.

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