Creality announces its K1 Max 3D printer
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Creality Releases Its K1 Max with Exciting Amazon Prime Offers

This July 10th, Creality—one of the top 3D printer manufacturers—released its new K1 Max 3D Printer. With plenty of new features and an attractive price, the K1 Max is targeted towards a wide audience. Anyone who is interested in high-quality printing in a fraction of the time stands to benefit.

At its initial launch, the K1 Max had a price of $999. Shortly after, however, Creality decreased the price by $100 to a mere $899. They did this to express gratitude for the patience, feedback, and suggestions of their user base. By doing this, the product has become even more affordable for makers around the world.

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K1 Max 3D Printer Features

An overview of the top features of the Creality K1 Max

The K1 Max comes with innovative features that help hobbyists and professionals alike. Accelerations of 20000 mm/s² allow the machine to reach its top print speed of 600 mm/s in only a fraction of a second. This is made possible by its lightweight printhead and rapid CoreXY kinematics.

With these top speeds, the productivity of the K1 Max can be compared to that of several regular FDM 3D printers at once. Talk about efficiency!

An overview of the fast 3D printing possibilities of the K1 Max 3D printer

In addition, its 300x300x300 mm print volume expands its abilities in batch 3D printing, rapid prototyping, and other applications that require a large 3D printer.

To help reduce print failures, the K1 Max comes with an AI camera. It watches the print area and monitors for print anomalies during your 3D prints. The camera is also an excellent option for creating time-lapses of your 3D prints.

A close-up render of a camera lens

Its high-speed printing capabilities, AI camera, and large build volume are beneficial for any user. But that is not all. The machine also uses AI LIDAR technology, which aims to perfect the first layer of your 3D printed models. For more information, check out the product page.

You can putchase the 3D printer globally starting July 14th. Regardless of whether you visit the Creality online store, Amazon, or an authorized reseller, a K1 Max with your name on it is waiting for you.

A 3D printer with AI LIDAR feature scanning the first layer of a print bed

Exclusive Offers

Creality organizes a variety of events on its online store to celebrate the launch of the K1 Max. Anyone who purchases the K1 Max, or the smaller K1 3D printer, from Creality’s online store gets a free one-year subscription to Creality Cloud. At a value of $80, this membership gives you access to premium models, as well as cloud printing, monitoring, features, and powerful model slicing capabilities.

For more information, visit Creality’s online stores:

Amazon Prime Day Discounts

You’ll also be pleased to know that Creality participates in this year’s Amazon Prime day from July 11th to July 12th. Amazing limited-time offers are available for you, not only on the K1 series, but also the HALOT-MAGE series. For example, the K1 and HALOT MAGE-Pro are both reduced from $799 to $629.

There will also be plenty of other Creality products available for sale, with discounts ranging from 15% to 30%. If you want to know the exact offers that are waiting for you, check out the Creality Amazon store relevant for you:

Alongside the offers on Amazon, Creality will also offer discounts up to 50% in its Creality online stores from July 10 to 16th. You can find more details on these promotions here.

More Information on Creality

Creality is a 3D printer manufacturer that was founded in Shenzhen in 2014. As a pioneering company, it focuses on research, design, and production of both consumer- and professional-grade 3D printers and accessories. By now, Creality has shipped over 5 million 3D printers globally, spread over 100 different countries. They have introduced 3D printing to homes, factories, workshops, schools, and academic institutions. With their 3D scanner line, they also drive digitalization in education, healthcare, architecture, manufacturing, and more.

You can find information on Creality on its official website.

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