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Revopoint Launched Its INSPIRE 3D Scanner on Kickstarter

Revopoint 3D, one of the global leaders in affordable 3D scanning technology, has just begun its Kickstarter campaign for the Revopoint INSPIRE 3D scanner. The new affordable scanner has already been backed by 1600 people in under 24 hours, exceeding its backing target by 2600%!

Revopoint’s 3D scanners already provide tens of thousands of makers and DIY enthusiasts with affordable, accessible, and accurate devices to scan physical objects. By further investing in its self-developed 3D vision technology, production processes, chip design, and packaging capabilities, the company is now able to bring the INSPIRE scanner to all makers worldwide.

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You can find the INSPIRE on Kickstarter now with a 32% discount.

Introducing the Revopoint INSPIRE

An overview of the Revopoint INSPIRE features

The new INSPIRE 3D scanner uses advanced algorithms and smart technology to improve usability and create scans with up to 0.2 mm accuracy. This allows even beginners to create 3D models with minimal effort. If you are into 3D printing, game design, car modding, or have reverse engineering needs, the INSPIRE can be a practical solution.

You’ll find that a lot of the improved ease of use of the INSPIRE is due to its enhanced tracking systems and 9-axis IMU. In combination with its large single capture range (230 x 140 mm @ 310 mm distance), 14 to 18 FPS scanning speed, and its ‘Magic Mat’ preplaced marker pad, the 3D scanner is capable of tracking both detail-rich and featureless objects with little effort.

Inside the Box

Various components and accessories laid out during the Revopoint INSPIRE unboxing.

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You can find the INSPIRE on Kickstarter now with a 32% discount.

Improved Usability

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Aside from using the INSPIRE as a turntable 3D scanner, you can also use it in handheld mode.  Because of its lightweight 140-gram design, it is easier to handle than some heavier 3D scanners.

Its device compatibility is wide too. Because the INSPIRE handles most data processing on the device itself, there is no need for a powerful computer. Not only can you use it with most Windows and macOS computers, but it also works with mobile iOS and Android devices.

The INSPIRE also comes with blazingly quick WiFi-6 to transfer data quickly to its accompanying Revo Scan software for further processing. Its low latency and stable connection aim to further improve your experience.

If you prefer a wired connection (with Windows and Android devices), you can use the built-in USB-C solution for transferring both data and power. No longer do you have to deal with a messy multi-cable setup that clutters your work space.

Supported Experience

The affordable INSPIRE 3D scanner lets casual users quickly explore the 3D scanning world. Whereas previously its resulting 3D models would require a 3D scanner worth thousands of dollars, you can now get the same accuracy and detail at only a fraction of the cost.

In the Revopoint store, you can also find a wide range of accessories to enhance your experience. From advanced automatic turntables to marker points and scanning spray, you can customize your choices to further enhance your results and 3D scanning experience.

In addition, Revopoint offers a collection of user guides and video tutorials that beginners can use to answer their questions about 3D scanning. On top of that, its welcoming community across social media and forums is always willing to help.

As we speak, the Revopoint INSPIRE 3D scanner is still gaining popularity on Kickstarter. Don’t miss out and join the campaign to get yours at a 32% special launch discount!

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