Revopoint announces its MINI 3D scanner
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Revopoint Announces Its New MINI 3D Scanner

Revopoint, a respected company leading the industry in 3D scanning technology, just announced the launch of their latest Blue Light 3D scanner. Once reserved for industrial scanners, their ultra-precise structured blue light technology now gives consumers increased detail and unrivaled accuracy up to 0.02mm for high-resolution 3D modeling. This game-changing 3D scanner is now available on Kickstarter with early bird discounts.

About Revopoint

Revopoint has been turning heads with its game-changing products for years. They are the most-funded 3D scanner brand on Kickstarter with funding of over 5 million USD and are trusted by users worldwide thanks to their professional performance and feature-rich design. Now, the Revopoint team has announced their first blue light 3D scanner- Revopoint MINI, which adopts the latest high-resolution Blue Light scanning technology that is widely used in industrial-level 3D scanners.

Blue Light Scanning

A hand holding a Revopoint MINI scanner

Compared with traditional scanners, blue light scanners deliver more accurate results with high resolution and less distortion. The MINI is released to better reach professional practitioners and consumers in related industries, such as the scenarios of reverse engineering, industrial measurement, jewelry design, and other professional areas.

Plus, blue light scanners are less sensitive to ambient light, achieving greater detail even in lighted environments, resulting in more accurate 3D modeling at the touch of a button. The 3D point cloud maps the object surface at a point distance of 0.1mm and delivers super-detailed 3D models with an accuracy of 0.02mm, precise enough for professional inspection and analysis.

A 3D scanning device used on a motor block

High Resolution Scanning

“At Revopoint, we have a long history of innovations in the field of optical scanners. Makers and hobbyists appreciate our scanners for their ease of use and high-quality results. With our latest product, the Revopoint MINI, our goal was to do something revolutionary – to utilize the power and precision of blue light scanning so that consumers can realize the high resolution and incredible detail of this technique for their 3D modeling projects. With an accuracy of 0.02mm, Revopoint MINI is capable of advanced applications such as reverse engineering, quality control, traceable 3D measurement, relic digitalization, and medical applications. Now, everyone has an affordable, portable, and reliable option for user-friendly optical scanning.” -Revopoint CEO

A ring placed on a rotating turntable for scanning purposes.

Revopoint MINI boasts an outstanding scanning speed of 10fps and delivers depth and color at a professional level, ensuring that even the smallest details are reproduced exactly like the original subject.

Easy to Use

Its lightweight, 160g design is compact enough to make it a portable solution and unlike laser scanners, it doesn’t require special setup or positioning to achieve perfect scans. It can be held manually or placed on the included tripod as needed.

After scanning, the 3D file can be directly streamed to any smart device for post-processing and Revopoint is compatible with all major engineering and design software for convenient cross-platform workflow.

A blue light 3D scanner scanning a human hand.

Revopoint MINI: Blue Light 3D Scanner with industry-grade accuracy provides pros, hobbyists, and consumers alike the power and precision for incredible accuracy, speed, and ease of use for professional applications and daily work.

This powerful new scanner is available now on Kickstarter with discounts for early adopters.

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