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Jackson O'Connell

Technical Writer


Georgia Institute of Technology


3D Printing
CAD Design
3D Slicing
Raspberry Pi
DIY Electronics


  • Expert content writer specializing in 3D Printing.
  • Pursuing a Bachelor of Science at Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • Featured in prominent publications like Clever Creations, All3DP, 3DSourced, and Printing Atoms.


Jackson O’Connell is a dedicated Content Writer, bringing complex 3D printing concepts to a broad audience with clarity and ease. His writing doesn’t shy away from challenging topics, yet remains accessible to anyone curious about the dynamic world of 3D printing. Jackson’s work is recognized and featured in leading 3D printing publications including Clever Creations, All3DP, 3DSourced, and Printing Atoms.

In his pursuit of knowledge, Jackson is currently studying for his Bachelor of Science at the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology. His approach to writing is grounded in making intricate 3D printing technologies understandable and engaging. Outside of writing, Jackson is an avid DIY enthusiast, often found working on 3D printing projects, skiing, or enjoying bike rides, blending his professional expertise with personal passions.


  • Currently studying for a Bachelor of Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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