The Algolaser Delta 22W Laser Engraver and Cutter
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The AlgoLaser Delta 22W: Intelligent Precision at Your Fingertips

AlgoLaser has just released their Delta 22W laser for all the creators, homeowners, and small businesses. It’s the world’s first laser with a smart screen in its category and brings in many more innovative features.

The 22W COS laser module on the Delta lets you engrave faster and on various materials. You also get an improved motherboard, enhanced safety features, and a solid industrial design. Let’s look at all features of the Algolaser Delta and how they will help you with your projects.

Smart Screen Control

A render of the Algolaser Delta laser machine on a white background

AlgoLaser has implemented an LCD touchscreen display on the Delta 22W engraver. This screen allows you to use the laser engraver without attaching any computer or other external device.

With the screen, you can start and stop your laser jobs, regulate the speed and power settings of the laser, and modify the airflow pump speed.

The smart screen also pairs well with the AlgoLaser mobile app, letting you upload files wirelessly to the laser engraver. This simplifies your workflow and makes operating the Delta Laser engraver a breeze.

Second-generation COS Technology

A render of a laser head with 2nd generation COS Optical Technology

The 2nd generation COS Technology used on the AlgoLaser Delta laser machine gives it a 40% performance boost over other comparable laser engravers. The polarized beam combination on the laser module compresses the spot size by 40% compared to typical 20W laser engravers.

As a result, the spot size is smaller and almost square, with a 1:1 ratio at both low (3%) and high (100%) power settings. At 3% power, the spot size is a mere 0.06 x 0.05 mm, and at 100% power, it is 0.16 x 0.14 mm.

In simple terms, this small spot size gives you faster engraving speeds and cleaner cuts on your materials. Because of the increased energy concentration, you also require less passes to cut through materials. If you value saving time, this is a great feature.

Incredible Cutting Performance

The cutting ability of the Delta 22W diode laser head with pinewood, acrylic, and other woods.

As mentioned above, the COS module improves the cutting performance of the Delta laser engraver significantly. As per AlgoLaser, the Delta can cut through 30mm Pinewood in a single pass, whereas other 20W lasers would need multiple passes for the same cut.

But that’s not all—the Delta can also slice through 45 mm of black acrylic in 15 passes, 20 mm of basswood in three passes, and 20mm of white oak in five passes.

This incredible cutting ability enables you to work with an assortment of materials without having to resort to getting an additional laser machine on the side. You’ll be able to use the AlgoLaser Delta 22W as your only laser machine to work on a wide range of projects.

Fast Engraving Speeds

A render of the Delta laser machine that performs an engraving much faster than a machine of a competitor

Another benefit of the AlgoLaser Delta 22W laser is its fast-engraving speeds. AlgoLaser has designed the machine to reach top speeds of up to 500 mm/s while engraving.

A standard 20W laser engraver can require more than 450 minutes to etch a 350 x 350 mm grayscale image. AlgoLaser claims that the Delta can engrave the same grayscale image in just 39 minutes. It represents an almost 12x boost in engraving speeds compared to its competing laser engraver machines.

With such fast engraving speeds, you spend less time per engraving job. You can complete more work in a similar timeframe and boost your overall efficiency significantly. If your goal is to run a laser engraving business, this can help you improve your productivity and get more jobs out of the door at the end of the workday.

Powerful Motherboard

A render of a circuit board with elevated processing chip.

Steering the ship is the third generation motherboard at the heart of the AlgoLaser Delta engraver. It’s a level up from its AlgoLaser Alpha counterpart and features an improved core feature set.

It has a 4-Core Dual CPU, 8MB of RAM, 16MB of inbuilt memory, and 32GB of SD card storage. These specifications ensure smooth day-to-day use and allow for easy upgrades and improvements to the laser.

The fast 5Ghz WiFi chip on board is a great upgrade as well. It improves file upload speeds by nearly 200% when you put it up against similar laser engravers. Just like with its other features, if you don’t want to waste time, the AlgoLaser Delta is worth considering.

Lastly, the Delta supports firmware updates over-the-air, simplifying the update process. This functionality is often absent in other laser engravers and can save you the hassle of dealing with USB sticks or SD cards when you want to update firmware.

Top Safety Features

The multiple safety features (offset detection, tilt detection, emergency stop) of the Algolaser Delta 22W cutter

AlgoLaser has given careful attention to the safety features of the Delta 22W. You get machine offset and tilt detection, beam detection and protection, an emergency stop switch, and six other safety features on the Delta.

These safety measures make the Delta safer to use, which is especially important if you use it in a home setting. They reduce the chances of mishaps and help protect you and your environment from any unwanted damage.

Ease of Use

A laser head with focus adjustment arm and magnetic detachable cover.

The AlgoLaser Delta is incredibly user-friendly. The entire engraver frame comes pre-assembled out of the box with all the wiring and plugs already done up. It takes minutes to set the rest up, making things simple for a beginner.

The smart air pump on the Delta automatically adjusts the airflow based on the laser power and speeds. This functionality results in cleaner edges with no burn marks, and you don’t need to figure out its settings on the fly.

AlgoLaser has also semi-automated the laser-focusing mechanism. It’s a two to three step process that allows you to set a precise focus each time.

Moreover, the magnetic cover on the laser module is easily removable. It lets you quickly clean the laser and perform deeper cuts when you need to. Such small things add up and lead to a better overall experience for you as a user.

Algolaser Delta Price and Availability

The Delta 22W laser has a list price of $1499 with free shipping and a 12-month warranty, but is now available at a flash price of $999. As an additional extra, the first 100 orders get a free 400×400 mm honeycomb panel worth $79.99. Get yours while stock lasts!

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