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Creality Announces Its Sermoon V1 & V1 Pro 3D Printers

Creality has recently released its new line of Sermoon V1 and the Sermoon V1 Pro 3D printers. Creality exhibited these 3D printers at the National Pavilion Expo 2020 in Dubai, in which the Sermoon V1 came out as the best choice of FDM 3D printer for family and school purposes.

Along with the overall quality of the 3D printer, Creality has also focused on the appearance of the Sermoon series. The skillful use of black and gray colors gives it a recognizable look of a modern home appliance. The design of the 3D printer is simple yet elegant and rightfully claims the title of an “Artistic Home Appliance.”

In addition to its impressive appearance, the Sermoon V1 series is designed for your safety and ease of use. The V1 and the Sermoon V1 Pro have received 18 international certifications, including CE, FCC, PSE, UKCA, and KC. Moreover, users have received these printers in more than 60 countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Poland, and Japan.

Easy to Use and Beginner-Friendly

Many beginners have complained about the initial difficulties of assembling a 3D printer. To solve this issue, Creality has designed the Sermoon V1 series so that it requires no assembly or initial bed leveling. You can get started with your first 3D print right out of the box, and it makes the Sermoon V1 3D printers an excellent first 3D printer for many users.

Intelligent Features for a Hassle-Free Experience

The Sermoon V1 and the V1 Pro have WiFi functionality to control your 3D prints remotely. You can wirelessly connect to your 3D printer using the Creality Cloud App. You can use the app to start, monitor, and cancel your 3D prints in case of any failures.

The LED lights inside the build chamber help you with visibility during the night. Moreover, the Sermoon V1 Pro comes with a wide-angle camera. It lets you monitor the progress of your 3D prints in real-time and notifies you of any print failures instantly.

Sermoon V1 3D Printer on a table

Silent 3D Printing

The Sermoon V1 is exceptionally quiet. In combination with noiseless fans, the silent motherboard keeps the noise levels down to 45 dB. The silent printing feature lets you use the Sermoon V1 in your study rooms, homes, and offices without disturbing anybody.

Designed for Safety and Peace of Mind

The Sermoon V1 and the V1 Pro are designed to be as safe as possible. You get a full enclosure with no loose wires and exposed high-temperature elements, which lets you closely inspect the 3D prints without any worries. The Sermoon V1 Pro goes a step ahead and gets the “Pause While Door Open” function. If you open the door, it will immediately suspend the 3D printing and cool down the nozzle and the build platform.

Smooth Printing for Clean Looking Models

The Sermoon V1 comes with the brand new, self-developed “Sprite” dual-gear direct drive extruder. It is designed to be around 30% lighter than other direct extruders. Yet, it has a high torque and ensures a smooth and consistent filament feed. The hot end assembly can reach up to 250 °C temperatures. With the blend of a direct drive extruder and a high-temperature hot end, you can easily print high-quality models using PLA, ABS, TPU, and PETG filaments.

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Easily Slice Your 3D Models

Even if you are a novice, you won’t have to worry about slicing your 3D print models. The Creality Cloud App lets you quickly find and slice your 3D models in a single click. Some Korean users have commented, “Sermoon V1 Pro brought a radical change to the traditional way of 3D printing.”

The Sermoon V1 3D printers are ideal for printing toys for your kids or some nice gifts for your loved ones. You can print scientific, mathematical, and engineering models on the Sermoon V1 to better understand the underlying concepts. Specific ideas such as animal anatomy, cultural relics from history, and molecular models from chemistry can be better understood using 3D printing. The Sermoon V1 can easily print all of these, making it the perfect choice for use in schools.

Creality celebrated its 8th anniversary on April 9th this year. During the ceremony, Creality launched its new Direct-to-consumer (DTC) website and the official Creality store. You can buy the Sermoon V1 Pro directly. Along with the Sermoon series, Creality has also launched the CR-Laser Falcon, Ender-3 S1, CR-10 Smart Pro, and HALOT-ONE PRO & PLUS.

Creality is thankful for those who love their 3D printing products and encourage continuous development. Creality is a patient listener and always strives for better products and services for global consumers, and the Sermoon V1 series is an excellent example of that. Creality aims to define artistic life with 3D printers and bring ideas into reality for its users.

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