A macro photo of a colorful moth.
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Moth Macro Photography

For a while I have been looking to do some macro photography, but I never really knew what subject to pick. Little did I know that the subject would present itself to me; last week I found two nice looking (and dead) moths outside.

Two dead moths in a transparent square jar.
The two dead moths in a jar.

The long dotted moth is a specimen of leopard moth or wood leopard moth – Zeuzera pyrina. This species is found all over Europe. This specific moth seems to be a freshly emerged male specimen, since its colours are vivid and the wings are still intact and not damaged.

The gold moth is a specimen of box tree moth – Cydalima perspectalis. It is native to the Far East (China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea), but has recently accidentally been introduced here in Romania.

Many thanks to Dr. Mihai Stănescu at The Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History for identifying and providing the information on the moths.

The Pictures

Below are some of the pictures I took of both moths. The pictures were taken with a Sony A77 and a SAL 16-50mm f/2.8 SSM lens with 24mm extension tube. ISO100, f/9, 1/80s. The final images visible here are the result of focus stacking between 14 and 57 images with different focal points in Photoshop.


I am very content with the results of my first attempt at macro photography. For any future macro photography I would love to get my hands on a proper macro lens, instead of the 16-50mm lens with 24mm extension tube. Also useful would be a focus rail slider so I do not have to make the small focus adjustments with the the focus ring.

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