Creality announces its Halot One 3D Printers
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Creality Has Released Its HALOT-ONE 3D Printers

Creality’s new resin 3D printers – HALOT-ONE Pro and the HALOT-ONE Plus, come with a large LCD, intelligent features, and higher precision 3D printing. The Pro and the Plus are similar in many aspects, and the only difference lies in the size of their LCDs and the build volume.

Read on to find out more about their various features.

Large LCD and a Big Build Volume

The HALOT-ONE Plus comes with a 7.9-inch mono LCD with a 4K resolution. Not only does the 172 x 102 x 160 mm build volume let you print large-size models in a single print, but it also allows you to print several tiny miniatures on its large build plate. The 4K LCD resolution ensures that you do not lose any details and that the models are high-quality irrespective of their size.

A 3D printer with a 7.9 inch Mono 4k LCD

High Precision Printing Powered by New Technology

Creality has developed its own Integral Light Source technology for the HALOT-ONE Pro and Plus to improve the light distribution. In contrast to Parallel Emission technology, it works by utilizing an arrangement of mirrors to reflect and refract light. This arrangement results in an improved and even distribution of light and reduces the impact caused due to any broken LED units.

An explanation of the light source on a Creality resin 3D printer

Additionally, the Z-axis has dual linear rails and comes with a T-shape screw rod to guarantee steady movement. It effectively reduces the chances of failure due to poor layer adhesion.

Both the improved light source and the Z-axis system help you get the perfect model with no defects and the highest quality of surface finish.

A highlighted dual linear axis on a resin 3D printer

Intelligent Control and Efficient Management

You can connect the HALOT-ONE Plus to the Creality Cloud App and access the free model library. You can download these models or slice them remotely and send them directly to your 3D printer. It frees you from being tied down to the 3D printer, and you can enable one-click 3D printing and remote monitoring using the app.

The Creality Cloud App lets you update your 3D printer firmware using OTA updates. It is a relatively new feature in the hobbyist 3D printing market and aims to enhance the user experience.

Cloud slicing and one-click printing demonstrated on a Halot One Plus

The HALOT-ONE Plus is also compatible with Halot Box, Lychee, and ChituBox slicers. This gives you complete freedom over your creative process and helps you to improve your 3D printing workflow.

Easy to Use and Easy to Print

The 5-inch HD display allows you to preview your models and see your prints in advance. The ability to visualize the print before executing it gives you an idea of the final output from the HALOT-ONE Plus. To ease the leveling process, you get a calibration card. It lets you level your 3D printer bed in three steps, allowing you to print quickly.

A Halot One Plus printer on a blue background

The HALOT-ONE Plus has an air filtration system designed to absorb most of the resin odor, giving you an odorless printing environment. It also supports 14 different languages to make it easy to use for users worldwide.

You can use the HALOT-ONE Plus and the HALOT-ONE Pro for various applications. You can use them to 3D print garage kits and home ornaments, prepare dental models, etc. They are designed to be versatile and suit your use-case scenarios.

Creality unveiled the HALOT-ONE Plus and the HALOT-ONE Pro in its 8th-anniversary celebration. These printers will gradually appear in all the markets globally from April 9th, 2022. The HALOT-ONE Pro costs $349, and the HALOT-ONE Plus costs $399. Along with these 3D printers, Creality also released its laser engraver, the CR-Laser Falcon.

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