Repairing a Sony A77 LCD Screen

The articulating LCD screen on my Sony A77 camera recently stopped working properly. The screen still functioned when it was placed up against the camera body, but when I extended and rotated it away from the body, it only displayed artifacts. After some research, I found out that the flex …

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A Sony A77 camera with a broken LCD screen displaying artifacts.

Romania Road Trip

Last summer we took a road trip through Romania. We traveled from Bucharest to Sibiu, to the Apuseni mountains, Cluj, Sighisoara, Gheorgheni, Brasov and then back to Bucharest. Here are some of the favorite pictures I took.

A beautiful landscape containing Romanian mountains, clouds and trees.

Moth Macro Photography

For a while I have been looking to do some macro photography, but I never really knew what subject to pick. Little did I know that the subject would present itself to me; last week I found two nice looking (and dead) moths outside. The long dotted moth is a …

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A macro photo of a colorful moth.
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