How to build a DIY capacitor discharge tool

Making a DIY Capacitor Discharge Tool

When working with capacitors, especially high voltage ones, a capacitor discharge tool is essential. It is a device that helps you drain capacitors safely before handling them further. While you can buy a capacitor discharge tool, they are just as

Best Raspberry Pi Projects

51+ Raspberry Pi Projects to Build Yourself

If you want to build your own projects, develop your coding skills, or start with robotics, the Raspberry Pi is a great piece of kit to have. With its many features, small form factor and low price, it is the

Assembling the CoreXY components in a custom 3D printer

3D Printer Build Log: X-/Y-axis Assembly

It has been a while since I made a post on the new 3D printer (tip: don’t start too many new projects at once). Lately I made some solid progress on it however, so I figured it was time for

How to create DIY 3D printed plant labels.

3D Printed Multicolor Plant Labels

Plant labels (also known as plant markers, garden markers or plant name tags) are useful accessoires for any gardener. They let you identify your plants and make it easier to keep track of and organize your garden. As someone who

Close-up of an aligned witness mark that was made with a scribe.

What are Witness Marks and How To Use Them

If you work in engineering or the automotive industry, do your own maintenance or use the repair guides on this site, you might have come across the term “witness mark” before. In this article, I will explain what they are,

How to Prevent and Remove Camera Lens Fungus

How to Prevent and Clean Camera Lens Fungus

If you frequently deal with old lenses or live in a humid climate, you are probably already familiar with camera lens fungus. Lens fungus is microbial growth that makes its way into your lenses and quickly grows out of control

How to make a 3D printer power supply more quiet.

Silencing a Loud 3D Printer Power Supply

Power supplies used in 3D printers, like the popular MeanWell PSUs, can get noisy. This is generally not a problem in industrial settings, but when you have your 3D printer placed in your (home) office or workshop, it can get

Can WD-40 be used as lubricant

Using WD-40 as a Lubricant: Yes or No?

More often than not, you can find a can of WD-40 in someone’s toolbox, household or garage. Originally developed for the military, it is now used for hundreds of DIY fixes, from cleaning rust to removing paint smudges. You might

How to Make Your 3D Printer Silent

How to Make Your 3D Printer Quiet

3D printers are useful to have around, but unfortunately their noise can be a problem. They contain many components, like loud fans and stepper motors, that are far from quiet. While the noise of a 3D printer might be tolerable

How Much Electricity Does a 3D printer Use?

How Much Power Does a 3D Printer Use?

When deciding on whether 3D printing is the right hobby for you, it is important to take its costs into account. Not only are there initial expenses you have to make, like filament and the device itself, but you also

Fluke 115 digital multimeter review

Fluke 115 Multimeter Review

Digital multimeters are indispensable tools when it comes to working with electronics. If you are looking to buy one, you don’t have to look very far. Large hardware stores sell so many different multimeters that it can be hard to

Ergotron HX monitor arm review.

Ergotron HX Monitor Arm Review

Large monitors are awesome. Whether it is to increase productivity or to get a better gaming experience, they are here to stay. To get the best experience, however, it is a good idea to use a monitor arm. These give

Andonstar AD407 Digital Microscope Review

Andonstar AD407 Digital Microscope Review

When it comes to soldering small SMD components, inspecting PCBs or even doing things like setting stones in jewelry, a digital microscope is a useful tool. They let you work on solder joints and components that are otherwise hard to

Bondhus T-Handle Balldriver & Hex Set Review

Bondhus T-Handle Balldriver & Hex Set Review

If you have ever assembled pre-fabricated furniture, or do any kind of DIY building or repair, you have likely used hex keys before. Hex keys (also known as Allen wrenches or Allen keys) are an essential tool in any toolkit.

Best mechanical pencils for drawing and writing

The Best Mechanical Pencils for Drawing and Writing

Ergonomically designed and always sharp, mechanical pencils are the ideal tool for artists, writers, designers and other creative professionals. Choosing the right mechanical pencil can be a tricky process, however. Because there are a lot of features to pay attention

The Best Microscopes for Electronics Repair

If you want to repair electronics, you will greatly benefit from a microscope. Surface mount components are getting smaller and smaller, and there is only so much you can see with the naked eye. Nowadays, magnification is essential when it

Best Non-Contact Voltage Testers

The Best Non-Contact Voltage Testers to Keep You Safe

No toolbox is complete without a non-contact voltage tester. It gives you a quick, easy and reliable way to check whether a wire or outlet is carrying electric current. Since the first step in working on electric equipment is to

The Best Multimeters for Electric Testing and Measuring

Multimeters are essential tools for anyone who works with electricity. They let you measure voltage, current, resistance, and frequently have even more testing capabilities. Whether it is for home DIY purposes, building or repairing electronics or automotive work, a multimeter

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